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  • PlayCalculator

    17 users

    Play Calculator, play calc, the calculator can play game, and uses different colors to distinguish t ...

  • FB Purity Cleans up and Customizes Facebook. FB Purity has hundreds of options that make Facebook le ...

  • Stop GIFs

    113 users

    This extension pauses all animated GIF images on a page, making them static. Hover your cursor over ...

  • Quick access to mobile version of Russian website Mail.Ru in the sidebar. Available: e-mail, search, ...

  • Wan book network

    2909 users

    Wan Book Network (www.65ws.com), update the fastest fiction site that offers the best all-novel, in ...

  • Escape from the laboratory using portal gun. Popular Vavle's game flash parody. NB: 1. If you have ...

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