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    Google Custom Search

  • Denis Beysovskiy is Russian video blogger. He specializes in games for PlayStation and other console ...

  • TechNews

    65 users

    TechNews is Russian video blog about technology. So this extension is absolutely useless if you don' ...

  • FB Purity Cleans up and Customizes Facebook. FB Purity has hundreds of options that make Facebook le ...

  • Quick access to the Russian socian network VK.com (Russian "ВКонтакте" is "I ...

  • YouTube Tools

    964 users

    Includes: 1. Quick access to YouTube in sidebar. Windows is really closed when you you press " ...

Popular Extensions

  • This handsome and handy extension will let you to view YouTube in a much more convenient way than u ...

  • This awesome add-on let you share and connect with your friends instantly using Maxthon 3 sidebar al ...

  • CatchCat

    188552 users

    Could you catch it?

  • Address conversion

    177716 users

    All downloads address conversion tool. thunder address. FastGet address. QQdl addresses into real do ...

  • Author of the script: YePpHa site: https://github.com/YePpHa/YouTubeCenter/wiki/Developer-Version A ...

  • Flash Block

    101271 users

    HTML5 NOT SUPPORTED! Some pages may not displays correctly. Please use ALT+U or Ctrl+Shift+U if you ...

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