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  • Quick access to the popular Google's services in toolbar. Select text and click "G" in too ...

  • il meteo.it

    270 users

    Italian weather very detailed.

  • Imgur

    2152 users

    Imgur on your sidebar!!!!!

  • JetRadar

    924 users

    JetRadar is one of the largest online search engines for flights all over the world helping thousand ...

  • AviaSales

    503 users

    AviaSales is fast search of airfare. 728 airlines provide information about their flights, cost and ...

  • Image Navigator

    1538 users

    Quick scroll to next/previous image on a page with w/s buttons Быстрая прокрутка к ...

  • Navigation sounds

    1519 users

    Plays a sound when navigating a page (for example clicking a link) Current version doesn't have sett ...

  • Quick livescore

    2380 users

    The easiest way to check livescore.com webiste from your Maxthon web browser. Just take a look what' ...

  • Imagus

    38955 users

    Enlarge thumbnails, and show images/videos from links with a mouse hover. There are plenty of setti ...

  • Mini Baidu Map

    1854 users

    Only support China map

  • Akari URL shortener ** NEW IN 1.0.1 ** - Support Maxthon 5 - Refresh button - Add Settings meunu: ...

  • Weather

    18142 users

    v1.1.0 Supported Languages :- الطقس بالعربية, O tempo em português do Brasil, El temps ...

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