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Last Updated:2017-04-24 18:53:21

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Release note

F.B. Purity Cleans up and Customizes  Facebook. F.B. Purity has hundreds of options that make Facebook less annoying and more fun to use. It has been reviewed and highly rated in the Washington Post and CNET.

Features include: Hide all Facebook Ads, Hide Auto Tag Suggestions, Change FB colors, Hide Graph Search Box Popup Suggestions, Remove Trending Topics, Disable Autoplay Video, Filter newsfeed by words or phrases, Change Facebooks Colours, Add Custom CSS, Get Deleted Friend Alerts when your friends unfriend you, Hide Gifts, Block Games and Apps, Display Animated Gifs, Full Screen Chat, Hide Smileys, Full Date and Time on Posts, FBP News Notifications, Hide Notification Popups, Revert Bubble Chat, Hide Offline Friends, Change Font / Font Size, Skin Facebook with your own Background images/wallpaper, transparent newsfeed, Hide Graph Search Popup, Hide Create Event, Hide Events, Hide Reactions Bar, Set Custom Reactions images, image content filtering options (block cat photos, block memes, block baby photos, selfies, food photos etc) and many more features.

FBP has a "Text Filter" function, that lets you filter out newsfeed posts if they feature any of the keywords/phrases that you specify. This allows you to filter out topics such as Politics, Sport, Celebrities etc, just by putting the relevant names/words you are not interested in, into the Text Filter box.

Full release notes for the latest version of F.B. Purity, please check http://news.fbpurity.com

Full Features List: http://features.fbpurity.com

User Guide: http://user-guide.fbpurity.com

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) / Help / Troubleshooting Guide : http://faq.fbpurity.com

Support F.B. Purity by Donating: http://donate.fbpurity.com

Be sure to rate 5* if you like FBP! :)

Please also tell all your Friends About F.B. Purity too.

BTW If you have any problems with F.B. Purity, please follow the Troubleshooting Guide at: http://faq.fbpurity.com/#troubleshooting


F.B. Purity

Please note "Facebook" and "FB" are registered Trademarks of "Facebook  Inc" and F.B. Purity is in no way afiliated with or endorsed by "Facebook Inc"
  • FB Purity Version:17.1.2 2017-01-19 20:35:24 Reply
    Can't block fb's sponsored now :(

    Neil Cheng 2017-01-11 11:03:03

    reply to Neil Cheng: the extension update approval process on this site is too slow, i have released many updates since the version available on this website, to get hte latest version you need to update fbp at http://install.fbpurity.com (click the "Install FB Purity" button to update to the latest fixed version) also make sure you switch your facebook language to English, if it is not already, or else put the word Sponsored, in whatever language you are using into FBP's Text Filter box

  • Neil Cheng Version:17.1.2 2017-01-11 11:03:03 Reply

    Can't block fb's sponsored now :(

  • 31903051 Version: 2016-11-24 23:09:36 Reply

    我用它为 facebook 的广告太多了,和太多得一塌糊涂的人。 一个在这里和那里喜欢战争,这些因此选择,和后 insta 学说,是乱局走了,感谢的人。 -------------------------------------------------------------------- I use it for facebook ads too much, and too much mess of people. one here and there like war, these have therefore chosen, and after the insta doctrine, is the mess away, thanks man. ------------------------------------------------------------------ https://www.facebook.com/salegroups/

  • FB Purity Version: 2016-07-13 15:53:37 Reply

    If you are using Maxthon 4.9 the current version of FBP available on this site will not work, as it is old and broken. You need to install the latest version of FB Purity directly from http://install.fbpurity.com as it has been fixed to work with Maxthon 4.9. I've uploaded the new version to this site, but it is sitting in the moderation queue, which seems to be quite slow over the last few weeks.

  • Raptorchan Version: 2016-07-13 04:46:31 Reply
    reply to 31521610:i have fixed the extension for Maxthon 4.9 now, to get the updated version you currently need to install from http://install.fbpurity.com as the version on this site has not yet gone through the moderation queue.

    FB Purity 2016-07-13 01:11:31

    reply to FB Purity: The fix worked! Thank you! :)

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