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  • All Maxthon's links in toolbar + quick access to Maxthon blog in sidebar. Write if some link or serv ...

  • Qwant Boadrs

    33 users

    Qwant Boards is a simple way to share pictures, videos, websites or your own texts. Works via Qwant ...

  • Календарь от создателей веб-портала mail.ru. Основные воз ...

  • iCloud

    149 users

    Internet service with support for push technologies, created by Apple. To manage iCloud data, you do ...

  • Облегченный календарь от создателей веб-портала mail.ru. ...

  • DingTalk

    37 users

    Web DingTalk

Popular Extensions

  • 清除飞行广告

    347824 users

    点击工具栏按钮,一键清除网页上的飞行广告。 只想手动清除飞行广告的傲友,还在为网页内容被飞行广告遮挡 ...

  • This handsome and handy extension will let you to view YouTube in a much more convenient way than u ...

  • This awesome add-on let you share and connect with your friends instantly using Maxthon 3 sidebar al ...

  • Address conversion

    205581 users

    All downloads address conversion tool. thunder address. FastGet address. QQdl addresses into real do ...

  • CatchCat

    198774 users

    Could you catch it?

  • Author of the script: YePpHa site: https://github.com/YePpHa/YouTubeCenter/wiki/Developer-Version A ...

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