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  • CloseAllTabs

    6378 users

    Click the button to close all tags。

  • ImageView+

    6358 users

    ImageView+ enhances Maxthon's default way of viewing single images in a separate tab. Features: - f ...

  • MagicDrag

    6253 users

    this plugin will make elements in the webpage draggable.^-^

  • Wan book network

    6221 users

    Wan Book Network (www.65ws.com), update the fastest fiction site that offers the best all-novel, in ...

  • Geolocation

    6210 users

    a simple tool which provide geographical location information associated with the hosting device.

  • PROMT is Russian company that develops software for automatic translation. It was very popular when ...

  • Site search

    6141 users

    This addon allow you to find text on current site. Just mark text and press button or enter it manua ...

  • Flickr Downloader

    6105 users

    A extension for downloading currently viewed Flickr image in the biggest available size. Based on ...

  • WapFetion

    6048 users

    WapFetion Need to open China Mobile's Fetion business

  • GoogleNoRedirect Forbid redirecting from google.com in the search result page. Visit the target URL ...

  • kwout

    5866 users

    Kwout allows cutt out the page as image (with image map) and upload or share it on Twitter, Facebook ...

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