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  • Play Calc

    208 users

    Play calc, this game is the four numbers specified by the add, subtract, multiply and divide method ...

  • Stop GIFs

    1267 users

    This extension pauses all animated GIF images on a page, making them static. Hover your cursor over ...

  • PlayCalculator

    343 users

    Play Calculator, play calc, the calculator can play game, and uses different colors to distinguish t ...

  • Ported from Chrome extension. Making email a better place Rapportive shows you everything about you ...

  • GMail To:

    4517 users

    Send e-mails with your GMail acount. Itsn't an E-Mail client. More Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wi ...

  • jingdong

    1862 users

  • RoboForm Lite

    14472 users

    RoboForm Lite is a free password manager and form filler that automatically remembers your passwords ...

  • A simple offline timer runs as a service. The popup notification with sound effect(optional) alway ...

  • wuhuashenguo

    1937 users

    wuhuashengguo can make your read WeChat public wonderful article on computer (PC).

  • noads

    22008 users

    remove ads in youtube etc...

  • Image Garden

    6712 users

  • Maxthon Flag +

    23796 users

    Show IP Geo location and flag, Google PR, Alexa info on the sidebar Thanks to original publisher 小 ...

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