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  • Gmail Offline beta is a Gmail app built to support offline access, allowing mail to be read, respond ...

  • write in your language,,in fb,g+ post in your language, and compose new gmail in one click Availabl ...

  • Gmail Web version

    10812 users

    open your gmail in one click,

  • qmoon

    6692 users

    China Radio

  • Renren Forward

    3621 users

    Renren Forward--Easy to select,easy to forward. Renren Forward allows you conveniently to forward t ...

  • Shareto

    4897 users

    Provide you four buttons to share the current tabpage to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Email

  • userjsInject

    1955 users

    userjsInject Add script url, no match for global. Matching type http:// or http:// * *. Maxthon ...

  • Twitter

    35273 users

    Twitter in sidebar (using the twitter mobile service) In your language

  • Web QQ Mini

    14397 users

    Sidebar for QQ with a very simple mode

  • T.VK

    8692 users

    this extension provide fast access to t.vk.com - fast mobile version of social network Вконта ...

  • Access Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Live MSN/Hotmail messenger, Jabber/XMPP protocol, MySpace chat, A ...

  • Yahoo! mail

    24041 users

    Yahoo! mail in sidebar

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