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  • Gleasy OS

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    Gleasy提供网络存储、邮箱、OA、网页聊天、在线office等应用工具的云办公平台,您只要打开浏览器,就能轻松 ...

  • SSH Quick-Connect

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    Access SSH protocol, written in Java, in a new tab, from the sidebar in Maxthon 4, and on the toolba ...

  • shopping-search

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  • verycdfetch

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    verycdfetch http://bbs.maxthon.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=838562

  • Go!

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    Open link in small window. Added gadgets and music links.

  • previous tab

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    Helping you switching between tabs, in more detail, the function is to go back to the tab you have j ...

  • Update to v3.1.1 Watch the price of product in Price Monitor, and notify when the price is dropped. ...

  • Random character generator (for password generate, Numbers generation, logistics order formation)

  • Manually flip

    29196 users

    Pre-read the next page, full speed up your browsing experience, a variety of pre-reading mode, built ...

  • Google Task

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    This is GTask variation of WEB version of Google Task (not mobile, which is available in extentions. ...

  • Go to page N+(-)1

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    Go to page: '...current_number +(-)1.html' .. If the address of the current page contains a number, ...

  • Baidu Tieba mini

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    By: sonic853

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