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  • jquery-shell

    2559 users

    a tool for execute js scripts(support jquery) in any page,and allow to run scripts that the user inp ...

  • Scroll Up Button

    9005 users

    This extension will add functionality to websites. The extension adds a button in the lower right co ...

  • Adds a per feed or folder filtering for Google Reader. Supports filtering by title or body, as well ...

  • Singing Search

    2740 users

    You can find songs with midomi and your own voice. Forgot the name of a song? Heard a bit of one on ...

  • QQ Nickname

    941 users

    The latest QQ nickname, the most QQ nickname, the most popular QQ nickname!


  • This type of loan calculators to support commercial loans, provident fund loans, loan portfolio. Equ ...

  • The calculator can calculate the expected date of birth time, and in accordance with the expected da ...

  • Areas query belongs based on the identity card number, birth date, gender, and other information.

  • HTML code can be quickly converted to the corresponding JavaScript code or JavaScript code into the ...

  • Video2mp3

    25712 users

    Convert Youtube to Mp3 online (sidebar button)

  • Book Finder

    2873 users

    Book Finder is on-line search service in the largest ebook library.

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