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  • Ticketing

    439 users

    Ticketing plugin to members of Hotels, Hotel Reviews and discounted hotel inquiries, ticket booking, ...

  • WanggouTop

    1807 users

    WanggouTop ranked on Wanggou providing the best-selling baby rankings, updated in real time hot prod ...

  • "FlagshipStoreChoice" a collection of carefully classified the official brand flagship sto ...

  • PHudMUD

    1376 users

    Use an in-browser MUD client instead of an installed desktop one. Better yet, this one doesn't use f ...

  • GHO+

    420 users

    Google Hangouts, just click the sidebar button.

  • Img Link Preview

    4311 users

    Allows you to view an image in a link leading to it, by hovering over the URL/link. Courtesy of UFO ...

  • Anon Ops

    1393 users

    Anon Ops - Browse.

  • CryptoCat

    1234 users

    CryptoCat from the sidebar on Maxthon 4, and the toolbar on Maxthon 3.

  • MEICI.COM - luxury e-commerce platform, 100% authentic guarantee, the 2nd delivered, the 7th return ...

  • Download videos from Youtube, directly from the video watch page, by way of the service, 10youtube.c ...

  • IMVU Pulse

    334 users

    Access IMVU Pulse from the sidebar.

  • Wersja najlepszej strony z komunikacją miejską. Teraz na Twoim pasku bocznym Maxthon Dock. Wię ...

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