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  • Ting.音乐云

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    音乐云是国内最大的高雅音乐,非流行音乐社区和资源库,拥有数万艺术家十几万专辑数十万的认证单曲资源,40 ...

  • Google Task

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    This is GTask variation of WEB version of Google Task (not mobile, which is available in extentions. ...

  • Unofficial extension for fast work with GetPocket.com. Pocket helps to save interesting articles fro ...

  • Smooth movement

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  • 改善谷歌的搜索结果界面,提高阅读效率 —————————— 更新地址 http://code.google.com/p/sete ...

  • Shareto

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    Provide you four buttons to share the current tabpage to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Email

  • Unfriend Finder

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    Unfriend Finder is a realtime script that allows you to know wich one of your friends removed you on ...

  • Skype IM

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    Web version of Skype IM. NB: 1. I did not text calls. You need to install the plugin audio and vide ...

  • write in your language,,in fb,g+ post in your language, and compose new gmail in one click Availabl ...

  • [注意]非"快速回复"下,自动回复一次会在页面底部增加一个表情,没办法,插件js无法直接影响到页面 ...

  • Yandex Mail

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    Yandex Mail service

  • Mail.ru

    4488 users

    Mail.ru service

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