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  • Quick search for selected text via Yandex: web-pages, images, video, music, news, maps, etc. Select ...

  • Measurer

    378 users

    Maxthon extension of Measurer.js Easily measure the dimensions of objects on html pages. Original ...

  • Open multiple links from a selection. To use: Make a selection containing URLs Click the extension ...

  • EZProxy

    6797 users

    Adds EZProxy domain to current URL for academic e-journal access. Most electronic versions of acade ...

  • For maxthon3

  • Gmark This

    137 users

    Extension of the Gmark This bookmarklet.

  • SelectorGadget

    216 users

    SelectorGadget is an open source tool that makes CSS selector generation and discovery on complicate ...

  • 手机浏览器

    1538 users

    添加一个窗口实用方便,方便阅读,查找资料,在看工作的同时,在另外一个窗口 ...

  • VortexBox

    52 users

    Easily interact with everything VortexBox from Maxthon More info at http://www.vortexbox.org/ Maxt ...

  • 活动

    1511 users


  • With this simple extension you can open QA in sidebar and popup window. It means you can create in Q ...

  • Dictionary

    9993 users

    v3.0: - When you select or click (double) on any web page texts, then you will see results immidiat ...

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