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  • Migrosoft Google Yandex Tradukka Translate Türkçe

  • MultiTranslator

    13814 users

    Alternative to the standard Maxthon translator. Built-in translator works with Google, Youdao and Ba ...

  • Instagram: middle-click to new tab Middle-click does not work on Instagram as on other websites. You ...

  • Weibo Mini

    2930 users

    Weibo Mini no ads Fix more bugs

  • Inbox by Gmail

    1179 users

    Inbox by Gmail is an email app by Google for Android, iOS, as well as the browsers Chrome, Firefox, ...

  • Privnote

    232 users

    Send notes that will self-destruct after being read. Sidebar for https://privnote.com/ Privnote is ...

  • Outlook

    2135 users

    Outlook Inbox on sidebar + Close button shut down the extension

  • Gmail This!

    1583 users

    Sends the current page via Gmail with the page name in the "Subject" field and the page UR ...

  • Seznam Email

    772 users

    Sets opening e-mail links (mailto) via Seznam Email. ***** Nastaví otevírání e-mailových odkaz ...

  • Quick access to Russian social network MirTesen.Ru in sidebar + fast seacrh button in toolbar. Avail ...

  • bestmafia

    178 users

    chiti for bestmafia

  • ru: Выберите какой тип сообщения Вы хотите отправить SMS ...

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