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  • Convert YT to mp3

    12237 users

    Puts an mp3 button on youtube video pages to convert youtube videos to mp3 using the converter site, ...

  • Jump to Top/Bottom

    11674 users

    Permanent Mission of the central one in the right side "up" and "down" buttons, ...

  • Go!

    11628 users

    Open link in small window. Added gadgets and music links.

  • This is an awesome way to get anything you read with Maxthon to your mobile phone ultra-fast. This Q ...

  • Flash Player for YouTube™ If you use old browser, you can choose default player on youtube.com/html ...

  • Save Form

    11383 users

    Save all form content. Only 3 buttons: Save: save all forms in the current page. Restore: restore ...

  • The perpetual calendar A different web page of the calendar application version, the most suitable ...

  • clock

    11165 users

  • Anti-Disabler

    11146 users

    Re-enables the context menu/right-click, when sites disable it. Test on THIS page: http://www.angelf ...

  • Tab Manage

    10937 users

    Are you still annoying for the no titles tabs? Having a try to manage the tabs by the portrait mode ...

  • Auto Copy

    10826 users

    Automatically copy content selected with Left Mouse Button click.

  • Gmail Web version

    10812 users

    open your gmail in one click,

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