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  • Radio YAY

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    Brony Radio Station to listen anywhere. Poland can Pony too! Radio YAY jako wtyczka do Maxthona? Ta ...

  • RSS External

    6252 users

    RSS External English: Adds the ability to subscribe to news feeds by external programs such as Feed ...

  • Adds a per feed or folder filtering for Google Reader. Supports filtering by title or body, as well ...

  • Lottery Results: Euro Millions, SuperEnalotto, USA PowerBall and USA MegaMillions. Jackpot info.

  • Twitter

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    Twitter in sidebar (using the twitter mobile service) In your language

  • French TV program

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    Read the french TV program in the sidebar using mobile service from : http://mobile.tele-loisirs.fr/

  • If you love using Google Reader or Maxthon Feed Reader but you miss an RSS Sidebar feature from Maxt ...

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