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Version: 1.1.2
Last Updated:2013-05-01 08:59:46

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Release note

Re-enables the context menu/right-click, when sites disable it. Test on THIS page: http://www.angelfire.com/fl5/html-tutorial/rclick.htm

Simply click the toolbar/sidebar icon.
  • 17950566 Version:1.1.2 2013-08-07 16:38:46 Reply

    Works great. Thank you.

  • Maggard Version:1.1.2 2013-06-27 10:45:08 Reply

    Appreciate the work put into what seems a simple extension. I am able to use the right click on sites that disable it to prevent access to copy and save abilities. Thank you for taking the time to do what I just don't have the time nor knowledge to create.

  • 11090790 Version:1.1.2 2013-05-19 05:00:02 Reply

    learn to appreciate what you have now. Until that one day you will lose!

  • 11090790 Version:1.1.2 2013-05-19 04:55:21 Reply
    with this add on enabled, my MXC is totally screwed, none of the password entry fields work anymore they show and when you click the go away, drove me nuts to find out it was caused by this addon

    oilreg 2013-05-16 11:54:51

    reply to oilreg: people like you have made me desire, to no make more extensions. What's up, are you always unhappy. You know how much of time and effort it takes to make something work especially in Maxthon? [.drove me nuts to find out it was caused by this addon] - impossible. "11018970" is right "ONLY RUNS WHEN YOU CLICK THE ICON". Some comments like that and all my addons will be arased. I uploaded 13 addons. I´m [Positronis-11090790] If you do not like, delete it. Stop writing stupid review

  • 11018970 Version:1.1.2 2013-05-18 03:40:42 Reply
    reply to oilreg: doesn't do that for me, and neither for positronis, or anyone else, at least not people who are posting about it, other than you: unconfirmed.

    11018970 2013-05-18 03:37:56

    reply to 11018970: only runs when you click the icon on the sidebar/toolbar, so it couldn't.

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