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Version: 1.1.6
Last Updated:2017-09-24 17:41:32

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Release note

Where can you download skins for MX4, MX4.9 and MX5? 
MX4 was released in 2012 and MX4 supports skins for a long time, but Skin Center still does not work with MX4, only MX3. MX5 supports skins already, but Skin Centers still does not work for MX5. 
So where can you can download skins for MX4, MX4.9 and MX5?
- official MX forum
- old version of MX forum
- Chinese MX forum
- old version of Chinese MX forum
- fans communities, pages and websites
All this sources you can find in this extension. We hope, it can be helpfull for new users.

Где взять скин для MX4, MX 4.9 и MX5? 
MX4 был выпущен ещё в 2012 году и он уже давно научился работать со скинами. Но в Skin Center поддержка MX4 так и не появилась, только MX3. MX5 уже поддерживает скины, но Skin Center для него до сих пор недоступен. 
Так откуда можно скачать скины для MX4, MX4.9 и MX5?
- официальный форум MX
- старый официальный форум MX
- китайский форум MX
- старый китайский форум
- фанатские сообщества, страницы и сайты
Все эти источники собраны в одном расширении. Надеемся, оно будет полезно для новых пользователей.
  • loooping8 Version:1.1.5 2017-06-30 04:01:42 Reply

    Skin for MX5 call: Yoyoako Skin [仿Chrome] for Maxthon Version Try it out! Enjoy! https://web.facebook.com/MaxthonPhilippines/

  • loooping8 Version:1.1.5 2017-04-14 19:43:03 Reply

    Customizable Skins and Background Images for MX5! Version Try it out! Enjoy! :) All Skins: Skin Alpha,Skin Macaw,Skin Mac,Skin Chrome download there: http://jmp.sh/fJJ8irk or by the sources: http://bbs.maxthon.cn/thread-13041-1-1.html Important: Before making any changes. do not forget to make a backup of the "Start" folder and "UIHuge.dat, UIMain.dat" files located in ..\Bin\ All files must be decompressed in: Install Version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin\ or C:\Program Files

  • loooping8 Version:1.1.5 2017-04-05 20:53:06 Reply

    https://web.facebook.com/MaxthonSkins/ Wow! New skin for Maxthon Version MX5.0.3.2000 call: MX5 Glass IE11 Skin Beta Download there: http://jmp.sh/tqhkjit or by the sources there: http://bbs.maxthon.cn/thread-12843-1-1.html How to install the skins,Instructions: 1. Download : http://jmp.sh/tqhkjit 2. After download decompressing files 3. Close the browser (note to replace the backup) directly overwrite \ Bin \ path under the original file (portable version of the path: maxthon portable \ Bin \

  • loooping8 Version:1.1.5 2017-04-03 22:55:18 Reply

    Write a review (opMaxthon skin Guru Wilser is back! :D We like it!! All skins of Wilser ( International Maxthon Forum ) for Mx version https://web.facebook.com/MaxthonSkins/

  • loooping8 Version:1.1.4 2017-03-20 14:53:04 Reply

    1 new skin for for Mx Beta call: Philippines flag ,download there: https://web.facebook.com/MaxthonSkins/

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