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Version: 0.0.5
Last Updated:2017-10-28 01:35:09

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Release note

An extension for managing Last Session, with functionality to save/backup/import/export last session data.

Note: This extension only supports Maxthon v4.9.x branch and Maxthon 5 higher than

Code Repository: https://gitee.com/noanylove/Last-Session-Manager


2017-10-27 Update
* Fix the loading conflict between old version and new version, make sure that old version can still work
* Fix a critical bug of loading scripts from local extension path

2017-10-26 Update
* Improve the way of loading scripts. Now loading from local extension path instead of gitee repo. It should be faster to load. (Thanks @germ)
* If current tab is not Last Session, it will activate the Last Session tab, or open a new Last Session tab if it does not exist.

2017-3-5 Update
* Add English Translation

2016-9-30 Update
* Support MX
* UI Improvement
  • aosms Version:0.0.5 2018-01-12 12:46:43 Reply


  • newUPon Version:0.0.5 2017-12-23 22:27:44 Reply


  • 圣Sniper Version:0.0.5 2017-12-14 12:05:22 Reply版本点击后没反应。。

    云中风 2017-12-12 23:20:31

    回复 云中风:很抱歉,新版的本地加载方式不支持4.9.5.1000,加载本地脚本会被强制取消掉。可以升级到更新的傲游版本,或者在4.9.5.1000上使用v0.0.3版的插件。

  • 云中风 Version:0.0.5 2017-12-12 23:20:31 Reply版本点击后没反应。。

  • 圣Sniper Version:0.0.5 2017-12-05 22:41:05 Reply
    回复 圣Sniper: 同样的问题

    28029535 2017-12-05 16:47:01

    回复 28029535:重启浏览器可以解决这个问题吗?如果重启浏览器能搞定的话,那就是浏览器问题,因为某些不太清楚的原因,浏览器有些时候没有完整加载插件或者数据。

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