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Online video analysis

Mainstream video site (18):
Tudou Youku Fantastic Art Sohu video
PPTV Sina, the Ku6 Tencent video podcasts
The Sina Broadband 56 network NetEase video excitement network
Watch music six rooms Baidu Post Bar video Tianyi video
PPS Thunder look
Network television stations (13):
China Network Television the CCTV Movie Network (M1905) Phoenix Broadband
Jiangsu network TV, Beijing TV, Guangzhou TV, Hunan Satellite TV
Mango TV Zhejiang network television station TVS Southern Television Taiwan Strait Broadband
Qilu network
Comprehensive video site (25):
Xinhuanet quality rice network time video
Zhongguancun Online TOM video cool SouFun Hualu dock
Broadcast Watch popcorn Amberweb even dual network
CC network via broadcast customers 11,688 depending Friends Network
Art Concert Video Network MSN live channel eleven theater
Look at the news network ACFUN beep miles beep Mile Cool meters net
Wash rice and Video
Tutorial video site (4):
Superstar Auditorium Netease open class the Mars video education Spark video tutorial
Game video sites (6):
17,173 games video Replays.Net interstellar Video Network Pacific Games
Shoot game PLU game.
The music MV sites (10):
The sound of Wyatt stage Baidu music head whales MV Google Music
The shrimp net Kingsize Music SoGua of of a music
5721 children's songs cool dog MV
Foreign video sites (6):
YouTube CollegeHumor WAT TV ESL TV
5min Howcast


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    由于网络限制,奇艺网视频只能用硕鼠下载,请点下面的按钮继续... 由于网络限制,搜狐视频只能用硕鼠下载,请点下面的按钮继续..

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  • Izual(19509) Version:0.1.5 2013-02-18 23:14:35 Reply

    需要自动更新? 我没装这个扩展,直接一个bookmarklet搞定,反正都是调用flvcd

  • s896221565 Version:0.1.3 2013-01-24 12:35:16 Reply

    14808821 2013-01-23 17:29:21

    回复 14808821: 我做的都自动更新。 ———————————— 。写自动更新。。才舒服??? ______

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