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Version: 9.6.14
Last Updated:2015-01-29 23:44:08

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Release note

Automatically displays the price of the goods in the other malls, and recent price while you visiting Jingdong Mall, Taobao Shopping Mall, Amazon, One store, Suning and hundreds of other malls, help you easily to compare price.

After installation completed, you can open product pages(for example: http://www.favormy.com/example/), the Price Comparation Bar will appear at the bottom of the page.

Sites currently support:
Jingdong Mall 360buy.com
Amazon China amazon.cn
YiXun Mall 51buy.com
Newegg China newegg.com.cn
Dangdang dangdang.com
Taobao Mall tmall.com
Taobao taobao.com
YiHaoDian yihaodian.com
Suning Mall suning.cn
Kuba coo8.com
The GOME online mall gome.com.cn
BingGo Mall www.binggo.com
QQ Mall buy.qq.com
and hundreds of Other online shops to help you find the lowest price.
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    为什么有的产品没有比价, 比方说这个:SAMSUNG 三星 SSD830系列 128G固态硬盘 - 2.5英寸 SATAIII(6.0Gb/s) 7毫米 Desktop Kit - 新蛋中国 http://www.newegg.com.cn/Product/A26-032-1PZ-02.htm 天猫,京东都有卖的,但是没有比价。

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