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Version: 0.1.0
Last Updated:2012-06-20 14:58:05

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Release note

This Super next page, with simple set, multi-optional mode, Forum, etc., in the upper right corner of the page there will be a small point, click the freedom to set the mode you want. Very easy to use.
       Click the button you can speed up scrolling.
  • Rezo Version:0.1.0 2015-05-14 19:31:05 Reply

    I have modded this extension. Removed super next page and scrolling is working automatically as expected. I have a problem uploading it on extension site. It can be found here: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php/topic/15113-error-while-uploading-an-axtension/

  • 羽风3002488 Version:0.1.0 2015-05-04 18:27:05 Reply


  • dado111 Version:0.1.0 2015-01-29 21:41:48 Reply

    言微日月 2015-01-27 21:05:41

    reply to 言微日月: google translate told that you said "Try a good use" which i believe is not a good translation :) can you tell me in English please which option do i need to turn on to have smooth scroling enabled all time?

  • 言微日月 Version:0.1.0 2015-01-27 21:05:41 Reply


  • 30943238 Version:0.1.0 2015-01-12 21:14:02 Reply
    Great extension! but i need to enable it every time on every page to have a smooth scroll (i need to click the icon in address bar) is there a way to stay activated? and also, can someone translate what is written when i press top right corner icon, maybe the settings to enable it permanently is ...

    dado111 2014-12-17 17:13:44

    回复 dado111: bump?

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