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Version: 1.0.0
Last Updated:2012-05-03 14:50:18

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Convert Youtube to Mp3 online (sidebar button)
  • 12437556 Version:1.0.0 2017-01-18 19:39:25 Reply

    Maxthon v4.9.4.3000 Windows 7 64-bit, the Addon doesn't work as described. Tested with YouTube videos and each and every time I pressed, it redirects to a malicious webpage.

  • bobm Version:1.0.0 2015-01-30 16:43:45 Reply

    Work but not with all videos And so much advrtising prefer to next version to open the window in mew tab

  • Rell76 Version:1.0.0 2014-10-10 03:30:41 Reply

    Does it's thing, but soon as I click "Download your MP3 file" it takes me to a new page and never downloads.

  • 14543743 Version:1.0.0 2013-05-17 01:47:27 Reply

    As easy as it gets... Watch the clip, press the button and wait... Thats all... Nice tool, good work :)

  • 16649546 Version:1.0.0 2013-05-12 04:52:11 Reply

    Bad! They do not care for a user-friendly experience/procedure. The activation is difficult.... ech, just do not download this software! Really, no need to write much about it! >.<

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