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Version: 1.0
Last Updated:2012-09-18 09:54:23

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Release note

English name: Shooting hero.Practise 
Rule: must hit the bull's eye, must fast malicious quasi, must share collection 
Idiom: target of public criticism 
Pinyin: zhòng shǐ zhī dì 
Explanation: vector: the arrow; : the center of the target the arrows shot target parable you attack object 
Homoionym: street mice 
Grammar: partial formal; For object; Contain derogatory sense 
English: target of public criticism / in the dock/Aunt Sally 
A two-part allegorical saying: training on the field of the target target of public criticism operating instructions
Operating Instructions: 
# The base has the control button area, there is open end game button and a difficulty level choose drop-down menu
# Click the button to open after the game to start the countdown 3 seconds to formal operation
# Using the mouse to click on the popup target will be a corresponding points, and real-time display to the bottom score bar
# On the right side of a floating share collection list, can share collections to multiple platform
# Works home page: http://libowen.com/game/shooting_hero_practise
# Exchange: http://libowen.com/game/shooting_hero_practise/exchange.php
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