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One Level Up


Version: 1.0.2
Last Updated:2015-04-18 18:14:43

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Release note

With this extension you can navigate to parent address inside the domain. Adds a button to the toolbar.
Starting with version 3.5.x Maxthon does not run scripts from the address bar. In some skins, and particularly in my Snapper(http://skin.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=240) this function was used. To fill this gap, I made this extension.
  • Dev CZ Version:1.0.1 2015-02-12 00:15:09 Reply

    Hi, extension name is bugged in other languages. There is bug in missing comma. There is "en": "One Level Up" But should be "en": "One Level Up",

  • 30584997 Version:1.0.1 2014-07-05 19:54:43 Reply

    Вредоносно, так как отключает Adobe Flash Player в Maxthon

  • kliop00023 Version:1.0.1 2013-09-15 16:28:27 Reply

    perhaps zork doesn't know how to use google translation.

  • 9101175 Version:1.0.1 2012-12-22 16:29:39 Reply
    reply to MMiao79: Please write in English, I don't understand Chinese.

    zork 2012-10-17 06:09:54

    回复 zork: Hi,zork. MMiao figures a bug in this plug-ins. And the bug is that when you level up website like WWW.MAXTHON.CN, the return is WWW.CN. It is supposed to be stop Leveluping in this situation. And this question is same to other top level domains.

  • ~~~ Version:1.0.1 2012-10-23 23:47:18 Reply
    有Bug啊!当Up到顶级域名时,比如:www.maxthon.cn后,再点Up就不应该再有动作了。现在的情况是点了Up后,会变成www.cn这个样子,然后出错,报告:“域名无法解析”!这个样子的域名肿麽会不出错呢?作者需要再考虑考虑、改进改进啊! ...

    MMiao79 2012-10-16 01:58:36

    回复 MMiao79: Perhaps you don't understand what zork means.Sorry for my poor english.

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