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  • 图片说明
  • 图片说明
  • 图片说明

Release note

Camera360 "Chinese name" camera 360 "" is a popular global mobile photos application, won the 2011 PCWorld global top science and technology products. Its simple operation, rich charming photo effects, fluent user experience has won the world more than 60 million customers. 
The camera 360 Camera360 Ultimate "can assist the user to shoot the photos of the unique style, to make up for the mobile phone lens imaging quality is not ideal, level difference, sensitivity range weaknesses such as pictures, to enhance the visual impact and level. For different pictures of environment provides different stylized processing, increased the photos of the artistry, enhancing the user mobile phone photography of fun and sharing of confidence. 
LOMO, restore ancient ways, dream, black and white art, top 1839, the effect of the increase, shooting night magic effect let originally ordinary photos instantly filled with incredible magic; Let you feel, originally be a photographer so simple. 
Surprise HDR effect even more than the iPhone HDR. 
Special "interest camera" shoot the ghost, the sketch, the fisheye, etc, the effect of interest to do make life in casual of joy; 
Unique "scene camera" shooting out full of humour and wit synthesis photos, will you place oneself in movie posters, art painting, outdoor advertising, all kinds of CARDS in, let a cat may look at a king can become radiant star, anytime and anywhere bloom charm. 
Unique "offset camera" effect was only exist in frequently tens of thousands of SLRS, amazing for small mobile phone can also so professional. 
Unique "shift color camera", let you wander in between black and white and color, the original change an Angle, the world is so different. 
Camera360 also provide the user with the unique creative personality style picture sharing function, the photos were taken after completion, a key fast will share the photos to your sina micro bo, tencent micro bo, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and interactive share platform. 

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