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All fools day for cock wire


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Last Updated:2013-03-25 01:04:40

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Release note

Instant change PayPal.com alipay.com tenpay.com personal balance, according to the default 5 million balance, to specify the start time and increases by the day or month; The other can also surprise pop-up Settings; Happy April fool's day I wish my dear prick silk! 
  April fool's day also called all fool's day, western society is traditional folk festivals, festival in every year on April 1, April fool's day and having fun festival in ancient Rome and India's joy festival is similar from the choice of time and the vernal equinox (March 21), because this period is often a sudden change in the weather, just like is fooling the human nature on this day, people joke about the people around you in many ways, but only open until 12 noon at the latest, this is the established strict rules.
  Along with the network popularization, also not only only a real joke of April fool's day trick, already extended to the network, every April fool's day has all kinds of April fool's day those trick page widely circulated on the Internet.
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