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Version: 1.0
Last Updated:2014-05-31 10:40:49

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Release note

Cloud calculator, Floating in the sky of the calculator, simple online calculator, using a simple, visual display and support plus minus, chengfang prescribing inverse computation, meet the demand of daily calculation

Operating Instructions: 
# mathematics type to implement the visualization of entry, click the equal sign, can show the final results of the whole mathematical, mathematical type 
# click the button to the left to return to entry the previous record, 
# long press the button to the left (more than 0.5 seconds) to empty mathematical type display area of the input, 
# click up button to move the result to mathematical type display area, 
# floating share the collection list on the right, can share the collection to multiple platforms
# full screen: http://ruyihe.com/calculator/cloud/from/maxthon
# 320x480px screen: http://ruyihe.com/calculator/cloud/size/320x480/from/maxthon
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