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Last Updated:2013-04-26 01:53:52

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Chinese chess, support man-machine against double play chess and classic mode of practice, with the function of file read file Chinese chess playing Chinese chess is a symbol of wisdom can be good exercise person's intelligence, whether adults or children are playing Chinese chess has a long history in China, belong to two people game antagonism one because of its simple equipment, interesting, and become a popular chess activities are widely carried out formally in our country one of 78 sports, in order to promote the dissemination and promotion of the project in the worldwide scale, in ancient China, chess is listed as the intelligentsia art of cultivate one's morality, is now considered off-dry puzzle about a beneficial activity, people can from attack and prevent the complex relationships such as virtual and real global and local changes to realize some kind of philosophy
  • Nadu Version:1.0 2014-01-29 15:16:43 Reply

    nice but more need

  • 9690930772 Version:1.0 2013-06-19 17:24:53 Reply

    view好 下载看看 谢谢

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