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  • JesusAVGN

    214 users

    JesusAVGN is Russian Let'sPlayer... Does this word exist? I don't know. It does not matter. He play ...


    286 users

    NEMAGIA is Russian internet show. So this extension is absolutely useless if you don't speak Russian ...

  • Radio 181.FM

    1059 users

    Radio 181.FM.

  • MafiaFM

    211 users

    RadioFM bestmafia/

  • Quick access Russian radio "Echo of Moscow" website in sidebar and popup window + fast sea ...

  • Puls Radio

    710 users

    Listen PulsRadio with Maxthon. http://www.pulsradio.com/

  • SHOUTcast Embed

    860 users

    Embed SHOUTcast.com in maxthon

  • ATTENTION: This addon in absolutely useless if you dont understand Russian! With this addon you can ...

  • Europa+ is Russian radio, which runs in sidebar. Available: live radio broadcasting (audio and video ...

  • plugCubed

    1336 users

    plug³ is a Javascript enhancement for plug.dj that offers; Autowoot, Autojoin, Custom Chat Colors, ...

  • eralash

    900 users

    «Ералаш ТВ» — круглосуточный телеканал, транслирующий ...

  • GroobToob

    611 users

    Search for music on GrooveShark from the sidebar on Maxthon 4, and the toolbar on Maxthon 3. It ope ...

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