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Version: 3.0.12
Last Updated:2014-08-23 18:39:35

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Release note


Some pages may not displays correctly. Please use ALT+U or Ctrl+Shift+U if you have any problem.
Blocks and prevents the automatic playback of Flash content.
Click to play flash or flash video file.

For unblocking Flash on the site, press Alt+U or Ctrl+Shift+U or right click on blocked flash.

The original script written by Alexey Ruzanov.

20.01 - 25.08.2014 - Fixed small bugs, added more exclude sites.
04.11.2013 - Added more exclude sites.
23.08.2013 - Added Border shadow [Except for Youtube] and various fixes. 
14.06.2013 - Fixed exclude sites.
07.06.2013 - Changed border color, more exclude sites.
21.05.2013 - Fixed exclude sites.
22.04.2013 - Added Windows Media Player, Real Media Player, QuickTime Player support.
20.04.2013 - Fixed blocking efficiency, Changed icons and border color.
Changed key combination [Alt+U or Ctrl+Shift+U],
Bugs fixed,
Disabled saving flash/flash-video, pressing Ctrl+Click right click on blocked flash,
Added the hint how to block or unblock flash content on the sites.
Added more exclude sites.
Various fixes.
Icons changed.
Changed border.
Exclude Sites: ["etvnet.com","newposts.ge","twitch.tv","tubezen.com","lavoz.com.ar","bild.de","games.yahoo.com","cbssports.com","nytimes.com/video/movies/","video.foxnews.com","yimg.com","wibiya.conduit.com","rtl.de","bing.com","*.maxthon.com","kinofilmi-online.net","qq.com","torchbrowser.com","hdserials.ru","movieon.bluemovie.eu","forum.maxthon.com","washingtonpost.com","bitly.com","snipurl.com","app.x.co","safe.mn","fnac.es","retro.grooveshark.com","veengle.com","sorensonmedia.com","badoink.com","fapdu.com","trillian.im","icq.com","imgur.com","facebook.com","dailymotion.com","yahoo.com","video.ntvmsnbc.com","comodo.com","pornprox.com","ntvmsnbc.com","ustream.tv","sina.com","plus.es","filmotech.com","filmin.es","rtve.es","voddler.com","hulu.com","vimeo.com","mtv.com","url.ie","imagebam.com","zeit.de","share-online.biz","fakeagent.com","homesexdaily.com","tomtom.com","costenaslocas.com","getmiro.com","publicpickups.com","fuckedhardgfs.com","playedonline.com","casting.xxx","amazon.com","search.yahoo.com","candiceswanepoel.com","rk.com","odnoklassniki.ru/*","vk.com","pixlr.com","2shared.com","my.maxthon.com","extension.maxthon.com","movistar.es","speed.io","speedtest.net","speedtest2.com","speedtest.comcast.net","reviews.cnet.com","pcmag.speedtest.net","testdevelocidad.es","aol.de","mail.aol.com","mail.google.com","translate.google.com","dropbox.com","box.com","google.com","blizzard.com","megaupload.com","files.mail.ru","gs.statcounter.com","aniweather.com"]
  • Snero Version:3.0.10 2014-08-22 15:41:13 Reply

    Love this add on, it's one of the few that genuinely improve Maxthon. Is HTML5 an impossibility though? Just wondering because the new autoplay of videos on Facebook is starting to really annoy me now.

  • 30356887 Version:3.0.10 2014-07-08 05:30:42 Reply

    Fantastic add-on. Great support from the dev. Makes the internet enjoyable to browse again.

  • 30556450 Version:3.0.10 2014-06-28 12:35:21 Reply

    i can't download it. why?

  • Zikki Le Version:3.0.10 2014-05-29 01:10:34 Reply

    wow is so good , the software is very useful for web surfers

  • hobi Version:3.0.10 2014-04-16 14:11:32 Reply
    Pls tell me how can i remove this extention? Im not sure but i think this is why i cant watch youtube videos for the second time. For the first time is working for seoncd time i get a message "an error has occured pls try again later", and i cant find how can i remove extentions. Ty

    hunter6699 2014-04-11 15:10:01

    reply to hunter6699: Yes, there are problem with this extension and Youtube. You can press Alt+U or Ctrl+Shift+U in Youtube to see the video without error message. It got broken after the last youtube update.

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