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  • Open the result of google directly

  • Manually flip

    29196 users

    Pre-read the next page, full speed up your browsing experience, a variety of pre-reading mode, built ...

  • Faviconize Links

    5214 users

    Ported from: http://userscripts.org/scripts/source/60833.user.js Puts a favicon beside links.

  • L shopping search

    1213 users

    Fast and best shopping search tool, provide taobao, clap nets, jingdong mall, amazon mall, suning ma ...

  • New Tab Plus

    30461 users

    New Tab Plus provides some functions to enhance the old Maxthon's New Tab, such as providing website ...

  • Gleasy OS

    19412 users

    Gleasy提供网络存储、邮箱、OA、网页聊天、在线office等应用工具的云办公平台,您只要打开浏览器,就能轻松 ...

  • Xunlei.Any.Player

    7562 users

    All users can be free to use,Need to login

  • This addon skips Yahoo E-Mail session verification. Yahoo e-mail session verification by default is ...

  • Destroy The WEB

    11648 users

    With this extension you can destroy any web-site! Use Spacebar for fire. Rotation and movement with ...

  • Script for bypassing rapidshare countdown. Allows use of Rapidshare without javascript enabled. Does ...

  • Google_Direct

    6484 users

    Open the result of google directly http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/122382 1.0.2 add support of ...

  • This is a tool for webmaster, and only for china. But still welcome feedback suggestion.

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