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  • a42.ru

    142 users

    Quick access to Russian website A42.Ru in sidebar. Therefore, it's available only in Russian. And A4 ...

  • WhoIS

    936 users

    Simple Whois sevice with ping and traceroute options.

  • vk-x

    1875 users

    Extension for vk.com inspired by and based on VkOpt. You get the full power of VkOpt plus optimizat ...

  • Fotostrana

    513 users

    Fotostrana in sidebar (mobile version)

  • This extension make a screenshots from you webcam (with scripts from www.scriptcam.com) Must working ...

  • Extension for Polish users! The extension adds a new sidebar button gives you quick access to dobre ...

  • Removes right sidebar and display wide mail list Changelog: ======================================= ...

  • HushMailTo

    552 users

    When you run across a mailto: link, use this sidebar/toolbar button, and then click that mailto link ...

  • ePulse+

    752 users

    Track your eRepublik citizen stats inside the game's GUI with egov4you.

  • GroobToob

    639 users

    Search for music on GrooveShark from the sidebar on Maxthon 4, and the toolbar on Maxthon 3. It ope ...

  • sina weibo

    2208 users

  • Mini QZone

    3293 users

    Mini Qzone

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