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  • WebAudio Drum Machine Create custom drum beats with a few clicks. Choose from 15 drum kits and 26 ef ...

  • Xiami MiniPlayer

    3164 users

    v0.0.4 Icon change. Sorry, it was all my mistake. xiaomi and xiami were spelled similar that lead m ...

  • Quick access to Russian social network VK.com (Russian "ВКонтакте" is "InCon ...

  • Radio online - more than 74 countries. Possibly ONLY in russian language.

  • Muzkanal

    1165 users

    На телеканале Фрэш вас ждёт Популярная музыка 24 часа в ...

  • Radio YAY

    733 users

    Brony Radio Station to listen anywhere. Poland can Pony too! Radio YAY jako wtyczka do Maxthona? Ta ...

  • Rockland Radio Medellín es una extensión para el Maxthon para escuchar rock en una emisora online ...

  • Go!

    11628 users

    Open link in small window. Added gadgets and music links.

  • This is PonyvilleLive's official Maxthon chat extension. Now you can chat with the people of Ponyv ...

  • Celestia Radio

    1266 users

    Celestia Radio - All pony, all the time.

  • Everypony Radio

    989 users

    Everypony. Where everypony is somepony.

  • html5 player

    17139 users

    Switch in the online video site Youku html5 video playback. To avoid the macbook can be hot enough t ...

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