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Version: 1.2.1
Last Updated:2017-09-30 00:16:26

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Release note

Web-version of Facebook Messenger 
NB: Sidebar window is really closed when you you press "x". Usually in other extensions close button only minimized page.

Веб-версия мессенджера Facebook
NB: Кнопка "x" действительно окно в боковой панели, а не сворачивает его, как это обычно происходит в других подобных расширениях.

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Unofficial add-on
  • Ashikul Islam Version:1.1.1 2015-10-11 02:47:21 Reply

    desktop notification not working

  • 40035085 Version:1.1.1 2015-09-30 01:36:54 Reply

    Works fine BUT why is the typing window on the top of the conversation?! When u type a message u need to look up and when a new message comes at the same time, to read it, u need to stop typing, because it's on the bottom of the window. That ridiculousely unuseful. U need to fix it. Even IE doesn't have this problem. Cheers

  • Kurai31 Version:1.0.4 2015-06-12 02:58:45 Reply

    Шикарное расширение! Как раз то, что я так давно искал!

  • Erwin Narciso Galinato Version:1.0.4 2015-06-06 20:58:01 Reply


  • Janrabbit Version:1.0.4 2015-05-28 16:28:24 Reply

    Really good extension. The only issue I have noticed is, when you right click on a misspelled word to use spell checker, when the word is corrected, all text before the corrected word is deleted so you have to re-type the whole message

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